Since 1998 we have been producing documentaries and drama for film and tv in Finland and the Nordic region.

Due to changes in the ownership over the years the name of the company has changed from (1998) to Pampas Production Finland (2012) to Olof Film (2016).

Recent years we have been focusing on documentaries, factual and true stories only.  Below you can find a few samples from our portfolio of productions.

About us

We have several ongoing productions and projects in development and are continuously searching for new partners and co-producers. If you have a great idea, if you would like to work with us or if you need a co-producer, please let us know.


Dont hesitate to contact us.

Our offices are located in Vaasa and in Helsinki in Finland.

Olof Film
Agricolankatu 4a9
00530 Helsinki, Finland
Olof Film
Rönnviksvägen 95
66580 Kuni, Finland
+ 358 50 3556693

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