Production completion: 2020
Documentary series
8 x 30 min and 4 x 60 min
4K, 5.1 Surround

Albert is a Dutch man in the middle of life. In the spring of 2017, he learns that he suffers from incurable brain cancer. He decide to die with the help of euthanasia. He’s wife is against his decision and hopes to the very end that doctors will deny Albert euthanasia.

Inga from Finland suffers from cancer and in January of 2019 she gets worse and ends up in hospital. She suffers from pain and reveals that she’s done with life and wants to die. Her 18-year-old daughter expresses her helplessness as she can’t fulfil her mother’s last wish of dying.

Carl-Johan has a long history of illness – amongst other things  two cases of where he has been clinically dead but resurrected. He has decided that no resurrection may take place if he were to be in that situation again. Now he wishes to figure out the option of someone coming to assist him in a suicide the day he no longer has the energy to live on.


In this documentary series we will follow dying people and their attitudes and decisions about euthanasia.

We will share their journey to the inevitable death. In the series we follow the actions and reasoning of  both the sick and their relatives, when life is no longer worth living and death becomes a goal; something one wants to decide and implement in a dignified and concrete way.