7 × 28 min
HD 1080, 5.1 surround

Can you find true love online? One can pick and choose from thousands of beautiful women from all corners of the world. Asian women offer a life where among other household chores is the woman’s task and the man does not have to think about such things. For women, it is enough that the man is from
Europe, that, in itself, is a lottery win. The men want a mistress, a mother of their children and a housekeeper.

In the series, Mail order love, we meet four couples who met on dejting sites and the thing that all have in common is that the woman is from Asia. For all couples in the series there is a large age difference between the man and the woman, and all women have lived a totally different life until they came to Finland. So how will the women’s lives be here? Will they find their way in their new homeland? Is it about mutual love for these couples or will someone be the winner and someone the loser?