Documentary series
12 × 30 min and 6 x 60 min
HD 1080, 5.1 surround

A series following the life and thoughts of people with very different faith and religions.

“I am a Jesus freak and that has crashed many relationships for me”, says 21-year-old pastor Patrick Tiainen, one of the twelve participants in the shared the documentary series Believers. Faith is usually something very private, but in this series we follow several people with different religions who actively live out their faith in different ways. They talk openly, directly and honestly about how their faith affected their lives and the choices they have made directly because of their faith.

We meet Marianne, who recently learned that she has MS. She is deeply Christian and hopes for a miracle. We meet Linus, who will be ordained and start working as a priest. We also meet muslim Mazin, who becomes a father and is concerned about his son’s future as a second generation immigrant. And we meet Carola, who heals people through quantum physics. We meet them and many others. Whilst very different from each other, they all have their faith in common, as well as an interesting history to be taken note of.